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Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke….Sounds scary? Well, they actually are, and all of these health conditions appear as a direct consequence of being overweight or obese. Too much weight and inactivity can result in many other problems as well, and a lot of these illnesses can have fatal results. That is why we must take care of our body, and always treat our health as a priority, which means that exercise and regular physical activity must become a part of our daily routine. A healthy diet is an important part of this process as well, and if these two aspects are done in combination – the results would be visible in a very short period.

    blood-pressureHowever, motivation is a serious problem when it comes to exercising, and millions of people all over the world manage to connect two or three sessions in a row before going back to their old ways of sitting in front of the TV all day, eating junk food and gaining weight. That is why pets are a perfect solution for people who need physical activity in their lives, and pets can motivate you to go out and burn some of those calories. Different species of pets can be involved in recreational activities, so from riding with horses to swimming with dolphins – pets and animals can be there with you, and they will never look you with judgmental eyes if you reached your limit and cannot make another step.

    petsPets are known to reduce stress, decrease the feelings of loneliness and depression, and there are several other benefits of having pets around. For example, dogs are the perfect walking companions, and a 30-minute walk can be a perfect recreational activity for all people, not just the ones who need to lose weight due to health concerns. Also, this benefits the dogs as well, simply because they can interact and socialize with other dogs and have some bonding time with their owner. Bonding time is important since it improves the connection and the relations of the owner and the dog, and many dogs who go on regular walks show almost no signs of behavior problems.

    shutterstock_235089946Another important reason why pets are good partners for recreation is the fact that they often make us socialize more with other people, and in these days of modern technology – direct contact with other people is extremely important. Your friends, neighbors or family may meet you on your walking routine, or they could join you on a nice bicycle ride through nature. No matter what type of exercise you practice, pets can be there with you, and they do not mind if it is raining, if it’s too hot, too early in the day, too late, etc. They enjoy our company, and almost every healthy animal will be thrilled with the fact that you will spend some time with them. Sine we are responsible for their health as well – it is only fair that we take them along and make them our perfect recreational partners.

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